A ray of hope

Living with a disability is no easy feat, you have to face unique challenges, even when it comes to relatively regular tasks. As the world moves forward, the differently-abled are often forced to feel as if they’re stuck. Here at Cerebralx, we strive to change the narrative by extending as much convenience as possible through technology-first solutions.

How it works

Cerebralx enables the disabled to claim a greater semblance of normal living by ensuring a healthy life. Similar to human assistance, our solutions provide the extra help you need. Our clients benefit from control over regular body movements and the completion of simple chores through the integration of prosthetics with brain signals.

Our role in healthcare

The modern healthcare system thrives on the right equipment, without which, half of the things possible today would be a pipe dream. As a welcome addition to the mix, our product will help doctors and medical professionals in their quest to better help the differently-abled or those with assisted care needs. In fact, Cerebralx can even help patients through a speedy recovery by minimizing traditional impediments in their path. But how? Well, the answer is simple. Our system has been designed to monitor body movements based on brain signals. The AI learns about a specific person by gaining insights into how they think and integrates signals with prosthetic operations.

Who benefits from our solutions?

Cerebralx helps people across the spectrum including those with disabilities as well as injuries, immobility issues, and more. Our technology can also be utilized by individuals looking to cope with or quickly overcome the consequences of accidents through assistive support. In that, the system is a monitoring device that captures bodily movements, tracks progress and quality throughout the time it’s in use. Similarly, critical KPIs for behavioral techniques are recorded. This, in turn, helps medical professionals devise better treatments including cognitive-behavioral therapy. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Since our system gathers data, its software also generates reports that are incredibly helpful for physicians, sleep consultants, and specialists.

Tap into the world of innovative patient care

One of the biggest reasons for slow recovery or low-quality treatment is the lack of patient information made available to the relevant healthcare professionals. No matter how great your doctor is, they need the right kind of data to devise a proper treatment, rehabilitation plan, or therapy. Naturally, it can be hard to keep tabs on every single thing for the patient which is why a potential treatment advised by the doctor can be lacking in quality. Rest assured, Cerebralx solves that problem. It systemically collects important data by tracking the patient and making digital records on the software. Verily, you need not worry about anything as patient comfort is never compromised.